I am a digital designer with a passion for design research and designing situated interactions. I am currently studying a MSc in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies at the IT-University of Copenhagen.

My research practice is preferable interdisciplinary combining methods that are typically related to social science, art, software engineering, and humanities. Additionally I am a proponent and practitioner of RtD and world makings through design fiction. I love to practice design as a discipline that acts as modes of inquiry and speculative explorations. In this kind of design doing I am eager to use design to stimulate debate and articulations about social and ethical implications within the field of human-computer interaction.

I am passionate about the crafting of digital experiences and I consider technology to be a material that can be formed, experimented with and combined with other materials to create really great things, concepts and experiences. Further how to materialize matters of concern in computational material that in itself isn’t material but more so fluid assemblages of computational material.

Last but not least I hope to design for "what out to be" rather than rebuilding what already is. The road towards "what out to be" is a winding road that has yet to be figured out.

For a more detailed description about previous work and places of work or anything else on your mind you can email me at natasha@varney.dk.