Development of a new take on CV with PRODII

Our case partner Prodii is on a mission to make the recruitment process easier and to challenge the conventional CV by focusing more on the soft skills and how to create dynamic teams. Our mission was to investegate what it means to go to work in this flexible and changing new ways that we call the precarious labour market. We ended up advising Prodii to cooporate with

The innovation concept is based on the case partner's Marianne vision. Marianne has founded the company Prodii, which wants to challenge the traditional CV. Initially, the purpose was to develop a platform for storing and sharing competence data aimed at students, graduates or freelancers, which should thus help this target group on their way in the job search.

However, from the User experience research made I find it necessary to challenge Marianne's original vision, and instead illuminate the future labor market based on the issues presented through the persona Lisa. This is because the labor market, as we know it today, is changing and therefore several industries are predicting a future characterized by great variability. This variability has often been highlighted under the term precarious labor market, characterized by fewer fixed-term contracts and more fixed-term contracts, which causes a high degree of uncertainty. Based on Marianne's original vision, I will introduce you to a collaboration with Marianne, documenting how I have had to challenge Marianne, in order to be able to develop and initiate innovative processes.

Among other things, I will argue the relevance of Marianne's original vision and relate this to substitute products. Furthermore, I will examine the consequences of precarious working life, expressed by freelancers.

I have used both Card Sorting methods, User interview, User test, Personas, Market analysis, Competitor Analysis and Affinity Diagramming. The combined design methods, then enables me to use these insights to provide the basis for a new concept of innovation, namely a new digital platform that must combine the security of unions with the flexibility and freedom of being a freelancer. Thus, my innovation concept opens up a new dialogue that both challenges Marianne's vision and meets a changing labor market.

If you are curious you can download the paper here.