Design inquiry into Urban Nature

Today we seem to be experiencing a rationalisation of our senses. We have neglected the importance of noticing the things that are all around us because we are so obsessed with moving from A-B. Through an embodied design practices, I have used Sense-ethnography and walkshops to engage in opening a design field of nuances, refinement and everyday observations of reflection to amplify the need to revise our understanding of the senses and how nature influence every aspect of our day to day experiences.

The designprocess was iterative and mainly influenced by an experiental designpractice. This centers the methods i have used around the exploring phase. These are among other Emplaced Ethnography, Unexpected, Walkshops, Emotional Biosensing, Walking with Video, Clustering & Affinity Diagramming
We use portable digital technologies such as smart phones, heart rate sensors and Galvanic Skin Response sensors (GSR) as an alternative inquiry into the respondents’ perception.

We analyse our data from the different qualitative and quantitative methods in different ways. Nevertheless by structurering them into themes using etc. Affinity Diagramming and thematic coding we are able to create a shared mindset and to communicate in more precise and coherent ways about your design ideas.

I am still precieding my collaboration with Growing Pathways and looking forward to discover what the future of urban nature brings and how design can contribute to this!

If you are curious you can download the paper here.